Arizona Trail – Day 20 (17 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 20 (17 miles)

I woke up at 4 am to the sounds of the hunters I was camping with getting ready for the day. I rolled over and waited for them to leave so I could get back to sleep.

I woke up again at 6.30 and packed up camp.

The first 30 minutes followed the road up to a ridge. I got a good view of the deep desert coming up in the following section before I plunged down into a wash. Cat Claw was the theme of this descent, with the sharply spiked shrub overflowing the trail.

The wash at the bottom was surprisingly awesome. I followed the wash instead of the trail and was well rewarded for the extra effort. Riparian areas, springs, deer and green vegetation were present throughout.

I stopped for a few minutes in the shade to dry out my quilt and then started the short club out of the wash and down to the highway.
It was a couple of hours walk weaving through the deep desert including the jumping cactus, Cholla among the flora. It is something to make sure does not spike you – above not getting spiked by normal cactus – slightly toxic barb that once in the skin is rather hard to get out.

I arrived at the highway and started walking up. Within minutes a car pulled over to offer me a ride into the town of Superior. We headed straight for a Mexican restaurant that everyone I’ve talked to along the last section said was a must.

Once I consumed a couple of burritos, I walked over to the pub to recharge my phone and send a few emails off. Later I met up with Cake again to go camping for the night.

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