Arizona Trail – Day 24 (29 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 24 (29 miles)

Underhill and Clean Sweep got up and going before sunrise. I stayed in bed.
As the sun just started to rise, so did I.

I packed up and took off down the trail. It was a beautiful morning and with daylight, my problem of following cow paths instead of the trail vanished.

I moved quickly for the first time in a while. Since I figured out that I had extra time to reach the end of the trail I realised I have just been strolling.

I have also made a big decision for 2018 that I will update you on in the coming month. Lots of hiking for next year!

After a couple of hours in court up with the guys as we walked into a trailhead. Here we met Myg (pronounced like Miyagi from The Karate Kid), who got his name by making all his gear for the trail, and Sequoia. Sequoia is the first on trail Trail Angle of the AzT. He has brought his trailer out for the month to support and surprise us.
He was not expecting so many people with 8 people coming through yesterday, so we split an apple and a soda between us. Still fantastic!
With Myg in tow, I saw his work later that night at camp and was extremely impressed.

We walked through the deep desert. It was beautiful except for the Chulla. This jumping cactus was everywhere! And did it jump. The barbs on the spikes would impale themselves into your shoe and then eventually it would find its way into the skin and was painful to remove.

After passing the aptly named bee spring for a siesta, we pressed on until dark. It was fun walking with people. It is a rare treat these days.

At dusk, we were just over a mile from water so we pressed on. I put my headlight on this time!
The water was surprisingly good and there was a lot of it. We had to climb up to the top of an open metal tank and dangle off the top to reach the water. Adventurous living!

It was then dinner and bed.

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