Arizona Trail – Day 25 (13 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 25 (13 miles)

I heard one of the other guy’s alarm go off well before dawn. I tried to ignore it but the noise of breaking camp kept me up.
Just before 6 am, still half an hour before the sun would shine, I gave in and started packing up. Clean Sweep and Underhill headed off as I rubbed my eyes, but Myoggy waited for me.

I filled up water from the big tank and noticed that my watch was not on my wrist. Did it fall in the tank? I searched the ground and a quick look through my backpack but did not see it. Hopefully, I find it tonight when I unpack.

We headed off down the jeep road back to the trail. We then spent to morning walking up 200-300ft (60-90m) and down into another wash.
It was pleasant, although a couple of times I had to search around for the hard to spot trail to exit the wash.

About 2 hours in we court up with the other two and then started a slow climb up to the Oracle trailhead. Here Underhill and Clean Sweep filled up on water from a cache someone left before we walked the mile down to the highway.

Myoggy and I said goodbye to the others; they were continuing on and we were heading into Oracle to resupply. The hitch in was a bit of a nightmare. As in we could not get one.

We decided to walk into town. It was only an hour but the highway had no or a very small shoulder that made it an uncomfortable journey.

In town, we headed to the only motel to book a room but the office was closed for lunch. we decided to do the same and headed for a Mexican restaurant that was highly recommend. It turned out rightly so, it was not the best borrito but was huge, cheap and incredibly good value for money.

I resupplied at the Dollar General before we walked back to the motel. The owner was rather nice, giving us a substantial hiker discount and then driving Myoggy to the post office.

The rest of the day was spent doing household chores in washing myself and my clothes and then lying on my bed watching Netflix.

After another oversized borrito it was bed time. For some reason I could not fall asleep and lay there thinking about life.

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