Arizona Trail – Day 8 (5 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 8 (5 miles)

I had an interesting night. Two things happened. The first was that some sort of animal ran into my sleeping bag. It scared the absolute shit out of me when it ran into my head. It was probably just as scared and ran off before I could contemplate what it was. The second was at one point the wind started and was blowing straight into my sleeping bag. The temperature was just below freezing and the wind was rather cold. I could not keep it out until I stuck my head into my backpack and used it as a windbreak.

I got up to still having sore feet. In fact, I think they are sorer than yesterday. I walked, or more limped the 5 miles (8km) to the trailhead where I got picked up. I had my headphones in and music blasting to try and distract me from the pain, that was only mildly successful.
I arrived at the trailhead and got picked up by Adam. I’m so happy that I asked to be picked up early. It would have been rather painful if I had kept on going along the trail!

The rest of the day was spent eating and icing my feet at his place.

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