Hayduke Trail – Day 3 (29 miles)

Hayduke Trail – Day 3 (29 miles)

This morning I continued up Kane Creek on a dirt road. The landscape was utterly spectacular. I was in this reasonably tight canyon with huge sides reaching up for the clouds.

As I went further up, the canyon opened out. I took so many pictures! It still had the same steep walls but had these odd rock formations in the valley. If you are ever in Moab, this could be a great place to spend a day.

I followed the road up to Hurrah Pass. I’ve never enjoyed a road walk as much as this.

At the top, I looked out the other side down to the Colorado River. I was very worried. It was not sunny and blue skies in this valley, there was a thunderstorm. Lightning was cracking only a few miles away!

There was no protection anywhere. I started to run down the other side. What surprised me was people were heading up the hill in their open top dune buggies.

I shook my head and continued down quickly.

Another storm front came through just as I reached the Colorado. I grabbed plenty of water, found shelter and eat lunch.

I have a 21 mile (33km) waterless stretch coming up. This will be the norm on this trip, with a couple of carries far worse.

Loaded up with water, I continued on. The well-maintained dirt road on the other side of the pass slowly diminished into a jeep road.

Towards the end of the day, I finally got off the road. I headed down Lockhart Canyon. The small introduction to canyons and washes so far has indicated that they are mostly easy travel, with the occasional ledge that needs scampering down.

I continued down the canyon until I reached a 40ft (12m) vertical drop-off. Here I got out of the canyon and walked around 3 spurs, as the sun was setting until there was one easy enough to get back into.

Entering the canyon again I continued down looking for a spot to camp for the night. I found a spot only a few hundred yards in, here I called it a day.

As I’m writing this, I can see lightning off in the far distance. I am cowboy camping, as there is not a cloud around me. Hopefully, I don’t have to get up and set up my shelter due to rain!

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