Hayduke Trail – Day 5

Hayduke Trail – Day 5

I woke up at sunrise but lay in bed. I was with Ricky camping just outside Canyonlands NP.
Last night an unexpected stormfront rolled through, causing me to scramble to get my shelter up. The storm was still hanging around as I lay in bed. The rain had mostly gone but the wind was bitterly cold.

We got moving around 8 and Ricky dropped me off at the Outpost within the NP. My food package had not arrived yet. What could I do but wait?

I sat there talking to Ricky and another guy for a few hours about life, the universe and everything. Although a far amount of time was spent discussing desertification in third would areas.

Eventually Ricky left to visit some mountains off in the distance and the other guy went to explore the park. I was left to myself, waiting for my package and just a little frustrated.

I watched a couple of episodes of BBC’s Planet Earth and the pilot for Breaking Bad before my package finally showed up at 3.30pm. Only a couple of days late!

I then headed to the Visitors Centre to get a new map and a permit. The permit ended up costing $30 for the night! Talk about getting screwed for doing the right thing!

I then got the trail, or should I say road, and made my way back to my route. I decided to weave my way through the trails back rather then walk around some of the park features like the guidebook suggests.

After just over an out on the road I hit the Elephant Hill trail junction. I was walking in as the last of the day’s hikers were heading back to their cars.

I spent the last hour and a half of sunlight wandering through truely gorgeous landscapes. I was at the Devil’s Kitchen just as the sun started to set. The Kitchen is a mess of spires with some tall and pointy and a lot of the more unusual mushroom shapes.

I got to my campsite right on dark. Not a very productive day but I’m back on trail. Next time I won’t count on the post companies getting to such remote locations in the time they state.

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