Winter Appalachian Trail – day 71 (4 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – day 71 (4 miles)

Back on trail!

I had a great time exploring NYC and meeting some fantastic and interesting people over the last week but it is time to get back on trail. I had a late night yesterday, so I was looking forward to going to bed just after dark and getting a fairly long sleep.

I jumped on a bus for most of the distance and a generous offer of a lift from @lyssfulthe rest of the way. I was back near the AT in the town of Palmerton.
Here I met up with Ant and Mouse (@wizzsisters) at the grocery store. They are also thru-hiking and will be teaming up with them for a while. I’m ever so excited to join up with them and joke, laugh and share my experience with someone else.

We resupplied our door for a 100-mile section and then @lyssful was kind enough to hang around and drop us off at the trailhead.

It has been too long off trail.

It was late afternoon and the sisters had got up early, like 4 am, to get here as we planned, so we walked 4 miles back up into the mountains before calling it a night.

The climb up was interesting, with plenty of rock hopping and a few high steps required along the way.
When the trail flattened out the rocks also disappeared. This allowed us to stroll along and talk. I have never met them before, so we spent a bit of time on the normal get to know you conversation. For a thru-hiker, this generally reverts back to previous hiking adventures. So I got to hear snippets from their recent PCT and Arizona Trail hikes plus family and jobs.

They both seemed in great spirits even after the last storm. They did not get a lot of snow, but the wind was epic and there are now a lot of trees down across the trail. There have been other storms this season but this seems to be the first hard-hitting one that we have come across.

We arrived at a campground as the sun was setting. The wind was still sort of strong at 30 mi/hr (50km/hr), and I was glad to see that at least some of the wind was blocked from hitting us.

I decided to cowboy camp and I talked to Ant and Mouse while we eat dinner. I was a bit envious of their home cooked dehydrated meals as I ate my cheese and crackers.

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