Arizona Trail – Day 13 (15 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 13 (15 miles)

A pretty easy morning as Square Pants and I waited for Cake to finish college for the day.
We walked a mile to Walmart for our resupply, cooked some scrambled eggs and veggies for breakfast and I wrote a few days worth of journals.

At 1 pm Cake arrived. We ate lunch and set off for the trailhead. Just as we arrived we saw a Gila Monster, a rather rare venomous lizard that spends most of its life underground. Luckily for us, it didn’t attack SP!

After a short goodbye to Cake, we set off down the trail. We will be seeing Cake again in 2 days as he will be taking SP back to the hospital for his second rabies shot. Today was an hour and a half return and the next pickup is 3hrs return but without the next pickup, SP would be struggling to finish the trail before he has to go back to work. Thanks Cake for going far out of your way to help SP!

For the first 13 miles, it was an easy walk up Reeves Canyon. It had some great rock walls and an abundance of cattle. We just walked and talked must of the time.

The day was cool in comparison to the last week. The 100°F (38°C) temps broke a few hours ago and it is now a much more manageable 80°F (26°C). At nightfall, we ran into Pineapple and ??? who hiked the PCT in ’16 and now on the GET. They were eating dinner and we spoke with them for a few minutes. However, we were both keen to finish the 6 more miles required today before we could set up camp.

It was fun walking at night as we would see all these eyes or a bush shaking only to see a cow come out of it. With 2.5 miles to go, we entered a wilderness area and also stood at the base of a 2,000ft (600m) climb.

We found a great campsite just a few hundred yards from the top and decided to set up camp rather than hoping for something later.

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