Arizona Trail – Day 32 (29 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 32 (29 miles)

Due to the problem of giving away all my water carrying capacity, I turned around at the Little Colorado River and headed back the way I had come.
A couple of different people mentioned that a trail out of the canyon was a pretty cool scramble, so I skipped a possible exit route and opted for this interesting one. It was a fun climb with some fantastic views. I found out as I ascended that it was not so much a scramble, but more just ridiculously steep. Either way, it got my legs pumped and burning!

At the top I stuck out my thumb to hitch back to the South Rim Village. I got picked up by this Australian couple. They guy mentioned he worked out in the middle of Queensland before he retired as an Engineer. So and behold we worked for the same company, but he retired before I started. It is not even a large company, with only 5 engineers working there. What a small world!

I headed to the lodge to recharge my phone and met Red Titan, another AzT Thru Hiker there. We chatted until just before sunset when her friends finally arrived to visit her. I waited until after sunset and then went bush to find a nice, quiet site to sleep.

I think I will take the normal route of Rim to Rim tomorrow as I do not want to retread the same trail 3 times in 3 days to complete the Hayduke alternative that I had planned. It will be a bit disappointing that I missed out on climbing Nankoweap, but I may be back to do it at a later date.

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