Continental Divide Trail – Day 1 (9 + 17 walking to the border = 26 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 1 (9 + 17 walking to the border = 26 miles)

And the CDT begins! Another long trail with Canada on my mind. I love it!

We were unable to secure a shuttle to the southern terminus, so our plan was to YoYo the 26 miles from the highway to Mexico and back. However! I was studying the map on the way there I saw a 17-mile road walk – 9 miles saved!

Clean Sweep said goodbye to his girlfriend, who kindly dropped us off, and we were hiking.
I had hiked with Clean Sweep on the AzT last year and we spent the long road walk catching up. The day got progressively hotter and hotter and by noon it was in the low 90s °F (~32°C), with a hot, dry wind. I began to dehydrate.

We tried to stop for a lunch break but the little dust tornados were annoying and kept irritating my eyes, so we eat quickly and push on to Mexico.

Finally, we arrived! Mexico!
It is always amazing standing at the start and knowing how long a journey is with a number, yet even after all my hiking, I cannot truly comprehend. Let’s find out what adventures await on this journey!

After having fun with our southern terminus starting photos, we lay down under the shade of the man-made sail. Clean Sweep was tired as we stayed for around 2 hours before getting going again.

2 miles down the road there was the holy grail of a solar water pump into a tank. The tank had two dead rats and a bird floating around. Luckily, we could access the water directly from the hose. I drank 1.5L in the spot.

Cleen Sweep was still tired and decided to stay at the tank for the night. I waited for a while with him before deciding to push on another 2 hours until nightfall.

It was sad to walk away from him as I was looking forward to spending at least a few sections enjoying his company. I also had plans to make this hike a more social experience, but here I am only 2 miles in on day 1 when I found myself abandoning it. I don’t know what to think.

Anyway, I walked for 2 hours and 7 miles trying to contemplate my decision. All as I walked west directly into the settings sun. I found a beautiful before spot to cowboy camp in the dry, rocky wash for the night. It was even out of the wind.

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