Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 29 (34 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 29 (34 miles)

I got up early, really early at around 3 am. The prediction was for 3 inches of snow in the afternoon and I was 20 miles from town so I thought I may as well get there before the storm hits.

There was 3.5hrs of walking in the dark to start off the day. I’m not overly fond of walking in the dark. I have nothing against it but do not love it like some people do.

The time passed uneventfully and quickly. I soon got to see a spectacular sunrise through the trees. I was surprised that there was only a scattering of clouds in the ski given a storm was predicted for a few hours. It must be a front rather than the slow buildup kinds.

The rest of the hike to town was fairly straightforward as well. It is one of those days when everything goes well but nothing special happens. These are fairly normal but have not seemed to have a lot of them on this hike with all the winter weather.

I got to town and started walking and trying to hitch. Eventually, a car pulled over and it is the section hiker from the hostel in Damascus. He drives me into town and then heads back out to his section of the Grayson Highlands.

I ate and resupplied. The weather doesn’t look bad at all and I check a new forecast. It’s been pushed back and now is not expect until nightfall.

I decided to push on another 12 miles to Atkins and stay at the motel there. I’ve been having problems with my phone battery life. I’m hoping that I can solve it myself and it is not a hardware issue.

I hitch back out to the trail and then hiked as fast as I could.
It was fairly easy terrain with only one major climb when I had to get over Glade Mountain. I then stuck on some music and ran / hiked to the last 6 miles to town as the clouds were starting to look menacing. (It ended up snowing well after dark)

I was well and truly looking to get into bed when I arrived at the motel, but made a detour to the mexican restaurant for dinner.

I had a 20 minute bath. I cannot discribe how amazing it felt and then went to bed. What a long day!

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