Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 40 (15 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 40 (15 miles)

It started to rain shortly after dark and continued heavily all night long. I was under my tarp, dry and reasonably content. Knowing the storm was coming, I set up camp in the most sheltered location I could find. It was an ok spot, I could hear the wind howling overhead all night but occasionally a large gust would come down and smash into my tarp. This woke me up enough times to get a poor sleep.

In the morning I packed up in the rain and started making my way down the trail. Basically, the rain did not stop but did become marginally lighter as I progressed. Unfortunately, this was only from torrential rain to heavy rain

There is not a lot to say about the day. I have no idea what the landscape looked like, I could have walked past a gold mine without noticing. All I could do for was kept my head down and continue to move.

I have to say that my rain gear worked wonders. I not only stayed completely dry from the rain but I had enough control to not overheat and sweat on some of the climbs.

Around lunchtime, I got on to the highway to hitch into Glasgow so that I could resupply. The second car pulled over and only said that it was only water and the seat would dry.
I was glad for the lift to say the least. He dropped me off at the hostel in town. I was not planning on staying the night but it was the right choice. Not particularly for the rain (although this was an added benefit) but I wanted to rest my foot that has been sore the last few days.

I had a shower and watched TV for a while before hunger overwhelmed me and I walked the half mile into town. I bought a family pizza and my resupply for the next leg before heading back.

I challenged myself to eat the whole 16-inch pizza in one sitting – which I’ve only been able to do once before with a thin crust. But alas, I had to concede defeat.
I talked to my family back home before going to sleep.

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