Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 5 (27 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 5 (27 miles)

Today was a tale of two.
The morning was full of questioning my decision to attempt this adventure. Self doubt and other thoughts filled my mind. “I cannot do this”, “you will fail”, “you cannot average 35 miles per day, day after day” and “how will you deal with the loneliness” all gained traction.

Then I realised that I’m here because I like hiking and I like to challenge myself. Who cares if I fail? I will try me best and see what happens. I may succeed or fail; all I simply can do is try.
If I end up not enjoying myself that is also fine. Either way I will learn something about myself.

A quick overview of the day.

The rain for the last 40 odd hours continued as I left the shelter. It did however diminish over the next few hours.
It was a steep climb up to a lookout tower. I had to stop for a break the first time in recent memory! I was halfway up climbing the tower before I realised it was pointless. I was surrounded in cloud and could not see anything.

It was then an easy descent for the next few hours. Here I met a AT hiker who was in training for his Thru Hike next year. It was also the time when I came to the “Who Cares” decision.

The rest of the day was bliss. I just walked and enjoyed my own company.

I ended up sleeping with a family out for a weeks hike. They were great. We talked for a couple of hours before drifting off to sleep.

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