Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 53 (10 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 53 (10 miles)

I woke up surprised that it was not raining as predicted, although the clouds looked rather threatening to dump the 3-4 inches rather soon,
I packed up as quickly as I could  and started what Thru Hikers call the rollercoaster; a series of 7 x 500ft (150m) climbs back to back. It turned out to be a fun little section. I decided to see how hard I could push it. I started each climb running up until i was out of breath and then walked as fast I could. I then had the descent to recover before doing the same for the next climb, and the next, and the next… Some of the climbs were rather steep and did gas me by the end. I made it running the whole way up the first but by the seventh climb I was walking more than half.
The rain free morning did not hang around for long, as within half an hour of starting it was drizzling down on me. It was a rather warm day and I just wore my poncho. This allowed me to continue to climb without overheating.

Before I knew it I arrived at the Bear’s Den Hostel. I was planning to just take a break for a couple of hours or so, but got drawn in and ended up staying the night. It was not particularly hard with the rain bucketing down outside.

There were a couple of good characters there and we ended up talking the afternoon away and watching a movie, while I eat pizza and ice cream.

This rain and warm weather should melt away the last of the icy trail. I am looking forward to that!

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