Winter Appalachian Trail- Day 63 (33 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail- Day 63 (33 miles)

The warmest day on trail today! It must have reached the high 60F (20C?), And I actually had some sweat running down my brow. What a change of pace.

It started like most days with being in clouds, but by late afternoon they lifted and left a glorious day with blue skies and a blazing sun.
I had contradicting thoughts in my head, I wanted to just sit around and soak in the warmth, but I also wanted to make the most of the day milage wise. I had a break, which has not happen oftern on this trail, so I kind of squeezed both in.

Pennsylvania has been a contrast to date; it has these slow, rock hopping sections, and in between them miles of flat, easy terrain. Today was almost entirely wandering in the trees, with just a couple of viewpoints showing the surrounding farmland.

I listened to the birds. They have become a lot more vocal the last week or so. Now that I think about it, the increase has been building since the last cold snap a few weeks ago. Maybe spring will be coming early? Adding to the birds, ducks were flying north, a solatry fly was buzzing around and a few spider webs were strung across the trail.

Towards mid afternoon I started to get thirsty. I have obviously become unaccustomed to drinking more than a couple of liters per day. With my needs so low I have not looked at the next water source until now. It was about an hour ahead, so I plowed onwards.

My thirst was not helped by the humidity continuing to increase throughout the day. By late afternoon it was intense, and I got hit by a afternoon thunderstorm at dusk. The rain was pleasant, and once it was over I was left with that great air that only happens after a storm.

I walked about 30 minutes after dark to a shelter. And settled in for the night under only my overquilt.

Today’s hot weather will be ending with 3 inches of snow predicted tomorrow.

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