Continental Divide Trail – Day 50 (around 22 miles)

After finishing up hiking around 10pm last night and fainting not long beforehand, I turned my alarm clock off and went back to sleep for another hour. I finally woke up when the sun hit my sleeping bag and I started to overheat. I packed up quickly and started down the dirt road and the crossing of I70 highway.
Nothing really of note happened until I had walked up the highway to a bridge and then crossed. Here I discovered that the trail was closed and I would have to find another way around. The sign did not really give a lot of information with it only displaying the closed area. I therefore sat down with my maps and planned a route around. It was fairly straightforward, but required to walk on a side road that followed the interstate for almost 15 miles before turning and climbing 5,000ft back up to the divide.

Today was the downhill section, and I walked into Georgetown. It was here as I was eating lunch that the sky unleashed and dropped about 2 inches (50mm) of rain that continued over the afternoon.
I decided to stay in town to wait it out. I headed to the library to do a little work instead.

On the way to the grocery store to get some dinner, I walked past a Vietnamese Restaurant. I was surprised to see this in such a small town, but headed in. It was delicious. An added bonus was meeting a local raft guide that let me camp in his backyard.

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