Borah Peak – Idaho’s highest point

This mountain and the Lost River Range in general turned out to be so interesting. The mountains are incredibly steep and rugged, with this trail taking less than 4 miles to gain 5,500ft (1,600m). The geology of the area was even more interesting. Vertical strata of different rock layers and pristine alpine lakes were everywhere.

The day itself also had its excitement. @cake.hikes and I got to the trailhead late due to mechanical problems, and set off up the hill with thunder clouds rolling in.

We ended up waiting out twice storm fronts as they unleashed their energy on the mountains around us. We did not expect the second one and we were caught out above treeline, and were very close to abandoning the endeavor to head down.

Luckily the brunt of the storm just missed us and after it left we continued up Chicken Out Ledge, a 300ft scramble that we needed to overcome before the last push up a scree slope.

But eventually we made it to the top! State high point 7!

The descent was awesome! We got the light scattering off the remaining clouds and I simply ran down the whole way. What took hours to conquer only took an hour to return to the car.

I would love to return to the Lost River Range, and maybe put together a route that goes 70 odd mile from one end to the other.

The road trip continues with the Sawtooths tomorrow!

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