Teton Crest Trail – Day 1

Day 1

The Tetons blew my mind. It has been a few days since I finished and I still cannot get to grips with how consistently good this little hike is.

10/10… would recommend!

Wildflowers galore, towering spires of rock, alpine lakes and even a little snow cornise to negotiate. The day had it all.

After a slightly late start, and a second delay due to hitching to the trailhead l, @cake.hikes and I headed up Death Canyon and into the glory of the NP. It was a wild canyon with vertical rock faces on both sides

We were informed that a different pass over the divide had a cornise and was not recommend without an ice axe. Naturally we decided to change our plans and hit this up instead for something even more interesting.

I’m not going to lie, from a distance the pass did not look good, but we did find an easy assent over it. At the top we stopped for dinner and watched the sun light up the crags on either side of us.

It was then time to drop into the basin that was packed to the brim with wildflowers of every colour. It was here that we met back up with the traditional trail.

We made it to Sunset Lake at, well, sunset and set up camp high above it.

What a day, and tomorrow should be even better as we walk past Grand Teton. It is also a good start to our Portland bound road trip.

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