4 Meal Ideas to add Variety on a Thru Hike

Sick of what you are eating on trail and looking for something different for the night? Here are 4 easy meals that could shake things up a bit.

  • Smashed Avocado with 3 or 4 Hard Boiled Egg.

This is one of my favorite meals to enjoy on the first night out of town. It is healthy and delicious with enough calories to satisfy that all consuming hunger. Adding basil can take this dinner option to the next level.

  • Frozen Burritos and Pies

These tasty option is a popular choice to add a little variety with Thru Hikers and can be found in almost all resupply towns. I let them defrost for a few hours or overnight, either in the outside mesh pocket or against the top of the pack.

  • Thru Hiker Fondue

Melt 8oz / 250g chocolate bar and then mix it with ~3oz / 100g coconut cream (packed in your drink bottle). Then dip dried fruit and / or croutons for a much needed desert. An added bonus is drinking the extra coconut cream on the way to camp.

  • Camp Stove Pizza

This can be created with pancake mix (aka Bisquick). Mix the pancake mix with a little water to create a dough. After adding oil to lubricate the pot, spread the dough thinly across the bottom. Add whatever sauce packets you have managed to procure, cheese and pepperoni. Cook on a low heat for about 7 minutes.