About Me

Hi all! My name is Andrew ‘Crash’ Sherry.

My life has always been based around physical activity and the outdoors. My youth was devoted to my obsession with cricket, with cameos from powerlifting, hockey and running.

Canada / US Border, PCT 2017

My hiking story began back in 2013 when my overseas trips shifted from trying to visit every pub in Europe to spending time exploring the natural beauty of China’s rugged mountains and India’s Himalayan wilderness. I only spent a few weeks hiking during that trip but it lit the spark of what has come.

In 2017 I set out on my biggest adventure to date, a 9,000 mile / 14,400km exploration of the US and UK’s best landscapes. Over 15 months I hiked 16 long distance trails in 4 different countries and through 56 National Forests and 27 National Parks.

These days I split my time building my Civil Engineering career while hiking and climbing on weekends and holidays, and every couple of years I break away to set out on a long distance project.

I have now hiked 14,500 miles / 23,000km (random fact: this is 6% of the way to the moon). Over the many months spent wandering the wild places of the world, I have managed to develop a successful ultralight approach that works from winter to a baking hot desert and everything in between.

Hiking chose me, and I have found my home in the mountains, deserts and forests around the world. There is no better way to truly see a countries landscape and culture than by moving slowly through by foot.