The Ultimate 9 lb Gear List; Full Luxury

This gear list is a superb all round gear list that does not skimp on comfort or safety for the sake of weight, yet won’t hurt your back. It is super warm and comfortable; a top of the line sleeping quilt, 3.8r inflatable mat, a framed backpack and a spacious one person shelter are all included.

This gear would be perfect for almost all hikers in 3 season conditions to take on the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Joh Muir Trail or to hike in Europe on the GR20 in Corsica or on the Camino.

I have put this list together with the sole criteria being performance and weight. This means that all of the gear is the best, but it can also be expensive. Getting a good gear list doesn’t have to be expensive and there are also some really good gear suggestions to reduce the cost without sacrificing performance in the Thru Hiker’s Budget Gear List: $970, 9.4lbs.

Use this list on your upcoming hike, or integrate some lighter options into your pack from My 6 lb Gear List.


Weight (lbs) Weight (kg) Cost (US$)
Backpack 1.8 0.8 $312.00
Shelter 1.1 0.5 $564.00
Sleep System 2.1 1.0 $554.00
Clothing in Pack 1.9 0.8 $715.00
Cooking Equipment 0.5 0.2 $123.00
Water Treatment / Storage 0.3 0.1 $51.00
Electronics 1.1 0.5 $106.00
Random / First Aid 0.3 0.2 $11.00
Total 9.2 4.1 $2,436.00



Item Comments Wt (oz) Wt (g) Cost (USD)
Backpack Hyperlite Mountain Gear Windrider 2400 Durable, Waterproof fabric 28 784 $310
Alternative ULA Olm 2.0 Budget, most easily fitted pack
Alternative Atompacks The Prospector Extremely lightweight, Fully custom, Waterproof fabric
Waterproof Liner Trash Compactor Use as an internal bag liner 1.5 42 $2
29.5 826 $312

 Shelter System:

Item Comments Wt (oz) Wt (g) Cost (USD)
Shelter Zpacks Soloplex Lightweight, needs treking pole 14.5 406 $549
Alternative Zpacks Hexamid + Polycro ground sheet For people under 5″8′
Alternative Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Free Standing
Stakes MSR 4 Groundhog tent peg + 2 titanium shepard hook Bigger stakes for 4 corners and smaller stakes for the others 2.7 75 $15
17.2 481 $564

Sleep System:

Item Comments Wt (oz) Wt (g) Cost (USD)
Sleeping Bag Katabatic Gear Alsek 22°F Very warm quilt 22 616 385
Alternative Enlightened Equipment Enigma 20°F Lightweight quilt but not as warm, budget. Get 1.5oz overstuffed
Alternative Feathered Friends Hummingbird 20°F Traditional Sleeping Bag, vary warm
Sleeping Pad Thermarest Neoair Xlite (Women Version) Extremely warm or summer. Men will likely have their shins off the end 12 336 $169
Alternative Thermarest Neoair Xlite Small Lightweight
Alternative Thermarest Zlite, 3/4 length Budget
34 952 S554

 Clothing System:

Item Comments Wt (oz) Wt (g) Cost (USD)
Rain Jacket Outdoor Research Helium 2 Light, reasonably durable, poor hood 6.4 179.2 $120
Alternative Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite 2 Cheap, dispoable and most breathable in its weight clase
Alternative Zpacks Groundsheet / Poncho
Warm Jacket Mountain Hardwear Ghost Wisperer Down 7.8 218.4 $265
Alternative Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket Synthetic
Wind Pants Patagonia Houdini Pants Really useful to keep warm when moving, great for laundry cloths 3 84 $90
Wind Jacket Patagonia Houdini Jacket Really useful to keep warm when moving, clean layer for bed 3 84 $99
Thermal Pants Patagonia Thermal Weight Capilene Bottoms Light, durable warm for weight 4.7 131.6 $80
Gloves Powerstrech 1.5 42 $25
Head Fleece beanie 1 28 $20
Socks Darn Tough Micro Crew Second Pair 1.5 42 $15
Bandana Use under hat to block sun, use as a drying towel 1 28 $1
29.9 837 $715

Cooking System:

Item Comments Wt (oz) Wt (g) Cost (USD)
Stove MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Isobutane canister stove 2.6 72.8 $45
Pot Toaks Titanium 750ml Pot Replace lid with tin foil 3 84 $35
Lighter Bic Mini 0.2 5.6 $2
Spoon Lexan Spoon As durable as titanim at a fraction of the price 0.5 14 $1
Food bag S2S Stuff Sack 1 28 $20
Knife Victorianox Classic Basic knife and sissors for everyday use 0.7 21 $20
8 225 $123

Water Treatment and Storage:

Item Comments Wt (oz) Wt (g) Cost (USD)
Water Treatment Sawyer Squeeze Filter 3 84 $30
Alternative Aqua Mira Chemical Treatment
Water Storage Smartwater 1.3 37 $1
Water Storage Platypus 2L flexible Compresible when not in use 1 28 $20
5.3 149 $51


Item Comments Wt (oz) Wt (g) Cost (USD)
Phone What you already have 6 175
Battery Pack Ravpower 10,000MA Quick charge 3.5 hours to charge 7.1 200 $30
Charger Fonken Quick Charge 3.0 To quick charge the battery pack. Also, 2 of these is lighter than a duel port charger 1.4 39.2 $7
Cables 1/2ft or 1ft 0.3 8.4 $4
Headlight Black Diamond Iota UBS rechargable, not suitable for a lot of night hiking 1.9 53.2 $40
Alernative Pezel e-Lite Extremely light and compact, only good for emergancy night hiking
Alernative Black Diamond Spot Good for night hiking
Audio player Sandisk Clip Sport Light, durable and saves phone battery 0.75 22 $25
17.4 498 $106


Item Comments Wt (oz) Wt (g) Cost (USD)
Wallet Zpacks Cuben wallet Waterproof 0.3 8.4 $5
ID and Cash ID and Cash 0.5 14
Tooth Brush Chopped down for convinient storage 0.2 5.6 $1
Tooth Paste 1oz travel size 1 28 $1
Sunscreen 1oz travel size 1 28 $1
Insect Repelent Ben’s 100% Deet, 1oz travel size 1 28 $3
First Aid 10 x Ibeprofen, tenasious tape, needle, floss in a hard plastic case 1.5 45
5.5 157 $11